onsdag 4. april 2012

A stormy maiden.

This Easter Annette and I are visiting my parents in Lofoten. While we are here, we have planned to maiden both Annettes Espresso and my VV Models Stinger. The weather reports has not looked promissing, and for the last couple of days we have walked through waist deep snow for hours to get to my home slope.

The first day we spent a couple of hours waiting in heavy snow and no wind. All we ended up with was wet planes and transmitters. The next day we woke up to sunshine and a fair amount of wind. Walking to the slope took a bit more than an hour and a half because of the deep snow. This is a walking trip that normaly takes only 20 minutes! We had to stop several times because of heavy snow showers that resulted in  very limited visibility.

Some time after we reached the slope edge, there was a brief moment when it stopped snowing and I quickly put my Stinger together and trew it of the edge. It took less than a minute before the sky closed again and I almost lost track of the Stinger. I quickly landed... We then waited for another 20 minutes before we decided that the conditions was getting worse and that we had to get back home.To bad we did not get to test the Espresso. The weather report for the rest of the week is not looking to good, but time will tell...


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