lørdag 28. april 2012

Testing Espresso

Sorry for late update. We've been busy this past couple of weeks. I've been a short, but fantastic trip to Vilnius,Lithuania. And Kjell Sture has been busy with his yearly training in the Home Guard. Right now he is in Brønnøysund partisipating in f3f-competition. This weekend didn't fit with my work calender, so I had to stay here in Tromsø. I'm sure he will update you when he gets back.

Right before we both left for our different trips we had a perfect weekend flying our model aeroplanes. We even got to test the Espresso! We used bungee to start it. Kjell Sture testet it, I took pictures. It was mainly just to see that everything worked, since we didn't got to test the plane during Eastern in Lofoten. And it worked! Nothing was broken during the first flight. I can't wait until I can try it on a slope. We both agreed that it was not to wise for me to test it on bungee. I think that was a good decision.

We are ready for its first flight

And there it goes!

It's in the air

The day after ,we met up with some other model aeroplane enthusiasts living in Tromsø. Flying and having a good time. I flew my Multiplex EasyGlider, my best investment ever. :) It was a very nice day. And yes, we still have snow here in Tromsø...

Three men looking at the sky...I wonder what they are looking at...

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