tirsdag 27. mars 2012

Finishing the Espresso

My Espresso is nearly finished! Kjell Sture has finished putting the radio gear in it, it's only lacking a tape over the servo openings on the wings. That's my job to do. I figured I'd finish it this evening, but I have understood that I need to use a special tape, and I couldn't find it among the modell airplane stuff to Kjell Sture. And since he is at work, finishing his Stinger, it will have to wait until tomorrow. It took longer than expected to finish the Espresso, since Kjell Sture suddenly went away for a week and a half, visiting people in the model airplane industry in Europe. But we made it just in time for Easter holidays. Kjell Sture has of course done most of the work. I have only painted something black and of course the tape. He even made covers for the wings! Now I'm just hoping for good weather during the Easter holiday in Lofoten, so we can try it. The weather forecast isn't optimistic, unfortunately. I would really like that my first flight with the Espresso would be in Lofoten, since I recall from the dvd Lift Ticket to Norway, it's "Slopers Paradise". And it really is the best place for a not so experienced model airplane pilot to fly her first moulded glider. I hope you all cross you fingers for both me and the weather. :)


Cover for the wings. I'm very happy about it!

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