mandag 19. mars 2012

Roadtrip of a lifetime.

For 10 years now I`ve been wanting to go with my friend Espen Torp on one of his famous roadtrips. For those who have not heard about these trips, Espen usually once a year drive from Stavanger in Norway to his UAV factory in Slovakia, stopping by friends and producers of F3B models on the way. He usually bring one of his friends with him on these trips. This time it was my turn to go with him.

I started on a Thursday, by flying from Tromsø to Stavanger. Thats two airplane rides and more than 2000km...

The next day we drove from Stavanger and through Denmark, finally stopping in Hamburg where we stayed with F3F-friend  Helge Borchert.

The next day we drove further into Germany and we had a few hours stop at Martin Weberschocks workshop. Here I, among other things got to see the moulds for the famous Radical F3B plane. I also got to have a look at Martins new design, the Dopamin.

After the visit at Martins workshop we had a quick dip into Poland before crossing the border into Czech Republic. This was however not totally without difficulties, but thats a story to be told another time. After driving a few km.into Czech we met up with Jiri Baudis in Jesenik and spendt the night at his house. Jiri is not only the producer of the famous Ceres and Fosa models, he is also an excellent cook!

Espen Torp and Jiri Baudis.

.....To be continued....

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