søndag 26. februar 2012

Skiing and flying

Not at the same time of course. Lovely day today, sunny and calm air. You don't get many days like today during the winter here in Tromsø, so you want to make the best of it. We packed the car with skis and model airplanes, and drove to the sports center on Kvaløya. I had an absolutley perfect flight with my EasyGlider on the parkinglot. It was perfect EasyGlider weather, not even a puff of wind. Kjell Sture flew his Sbach 352 from RC-factory. I think he really enjoyed him self as well, he didn't land befor the batteries went out.

After our flights we went cross-country skiing. The tracks lies beautiful along the hillside. We had the sun in the face. Kjell Sture even had a fluffy meeting with the snow in the last downhill. Cross-country skis are not made for off-piste. :) When we returned to the car, Kjell Sture had to emty his second battery, so he had another flight with his Sbach. A perfect sunday in Tromsø.


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